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The Firebrand Spirit

Firebrand - "a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action".

Welcome to our site! The Firebrand Spirit is inspired by the biblical story of Stephen (Acts 6 & 7), the first martyr, who was profoundly impacted by the Gospel and unashamedly spoke about the truth to his peers and the people of his time. My prayer is that through this site you would be blessed in your spirit - that it would edify you - and that through it the Lord would reveal His truth that awakens a hunger in you to know Him more and spend time in His Word daily; growing in His wisdom and learning how to truly love others by telling them the truth about Jesus Christ, passionately, boldly, and unashamedly!

About The Author

My name is Raffaele Steven Richichi and I am humbled to be shown grace and mercy by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Though I am a sinner and deserve God's wrath, He came to die for my sins and take the punishment that I deserved.  In doing so, He offered me eternal life through a relationship with Him, in which He is constantly revealing to me how I am falling short, how I can seek forgiveness, repenting and turning away from my sins.

I am a believer and Christ-follower, and am happily married to my wife Mary. We have a dog (Teddy) and two cats [Stinker & Gizmo (Moe)]. I play soccer and love sports, I lean towards being an introvert, and I have a passion for truth and righteousness as it pertains to Scripture. I am not a prophet, I am not anointed and I have no extraordinary value. I am a fallible, sinful, wretched man simply trying to point people to the holiness of God and the grace received through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

These are the lenses that will lend themselves to my voice in my writing, and I pray that they will add a human element as well. With that said, the Bible is the source of ultimate truth and authority. It is God's Holy Word, and it is the standard by which our words and writings should be held. I will write and quote scripture, and sometimes my content will be inspired by scripture but not feature a direct quote or reference because the scriptures being referenced were written for a specific time/people and are not directly applicable, but applicable in spiritual application. Please use The Bible as the standard to test and validate what I have to offer through this site, and pray that God would reveal through the truth in His Word - that which you need to know and apply in your own life.

I write for two main purposes - to share with others what God has shared with me, and also to reinforce what God has taught me to encourage my own growth and relationship with Him. This site is a ministry and help for me as much as I hope God will use it to help others. I look forward to growing along this journey with you, and I pray that God would use this platform to keep His Church - you, me and anyone else who believes - connected and fulfilled.

I pray that we would be reminded of two important truths as we grow together:

1. Reaching The Lost - It is important to reach lost souls and those who do not truly know Christ. This is our responsibility and God will use us to carry the Good News of Christ to those who have not heard it AND... 

2. Serving The Body Of Christ - It is just as important to minister to the Church and build up the Body (Christians). The Body is constantly under attack from the Enemy (Satan), enduring persecution and spiritual warfare; struggling as God reveals our sins and helps us to seek forgiveness and repentance - it is not easy. A healthier body can be more productive for the Kingdom and each individual part is valued by God and crucially important for sharing the good news; a living example and testimony of the finished work of Christ.

I pray this site will be a great resource to share with anyone who needs to know or be reminded of the hope and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that you would be blessed.

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